Last year we sent out an email inviting Collegiites who went on the West Coast tour to come to Collegium's 35th reunion. We asked if anyone remembered the bus driver's name. Here are some of the responses we got:
Michael Alterman
Our driver's name was Gene. He was scary.

Jeff Bernstein
...know that my heart is with you all and I'll be playing my Collegium CDs and singing along all weekend. The idea of the two of you hosting a brunch brings back fond memories - you're not hosting it in Claverly by any chance are you?

Carol Emert
I believe the bus driver's name was Jack Ass. Do I get a prize?

Gail Nelson
That tour had a HUGE impact on my life, however. That was my first glimpse of the West Coast, and I ended up loving it so much I decided then and there I would live in California someday. And here I am...a resident Californian since 1990, and married to a local.

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