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It's a place for you to get a feel for the wiki before editing more formal pages. Before you go, take a look at these instructions from Wikispaces about how to move in the wiki (i.e. how to edit pages or update your member page). You will need Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to do so.

I am a newbie. Is this how it works? -Elisabeth

Yep. This is how it works. Now if you go to the history page, you can see each of the changes and (if the person isn't signed up as a member) an IP address of the person making the change. I do like the idea of labelling the changes with a signature. It makes it easier than checking out the history page for everything. -Sarah

I agree. Maybe we can add a note on the front page that people should leave their name, otherwise people won't know who they are! -Zachary Rothstein

Hi, thanks for showing me this page! It's a great idea - I'm going to explore it a bit more! - Sarah Penniston-Dorland '86