This page is a list of suggestions for the community aimed at keeping the wiki easy for everyone to read and use. Add, edit, or delete suggestions on this page, or propose improvements in the discussion forum. Thanks.

Sign Your Content

Please sign your contributions in situations where other readers would benefit to know that you are the author. Such examples are: when you give an opinion, add a story, inform people about your upcoming concert, or add pictures of your family. If you changing the format of a page or making small changes, such as grammar or spelling, then a signature is not needed. The history page will suffice.

What Happens to the Content I Put On This Wiki?

The content of this wiki is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 License. What this means is that anyone can use what you put here, like a photo or a poem, but they must attribute it to you and share it under the same license. Learn more about Creative Commons licenses here. Or if you have any questions, send us an e-mail.


This wiki is public. This means anyone can find this wiki (although it is very unlikely they would do so without an invite) and edit the content of it without signing up for an account at Wikispaces or becoming a member of this group. This might change at any point along the test phase of this wiki, and we will update you of any changes here.

WIkispaces also has a Privacy Notice which you accept by using this site.